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The IRON Network is a result of international travel and involvement in regional and international projects. Together, our team identified principles that led to the creation of the company. Each team member brings with them a unique skill set and passion that helps us best serve both clients and partners alike. Trust, communication and innovation are a few of these keys to success. Coupled with an understanding and ongoing research of international markets, the IRON team is positioned to guide and assist you on the local, regional and international levels.

Apart from being the problem solver, we formulate bullet-proof ideas that create the most impact on the target audience..

The IRON Network Online Marketing Team

About Our Team

Everyone at The IRON Network is an equal contributor. We are the definition of what a team is and what every team should be. We’re people who speak openly and honestly with each and every one of our clients and each other. We share each success as a team and each challenge with shared enthusiasm and professionalism. But above all else, we are accountable to you. We can show where our time goes and more importantly, what that time creates. And without hesitation, we can honestly say that working with us is like a walk in the park.

Ultimately, our team is about as close as family can be. We trust each other to make any decision that needs to be made.

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Carol Smith

With a history of diverse experiences, Mr. Smith brings this international mentality to his projects. Living in many international locations, he has developed a trustworthy network of partners that spans across 4 continents.

Kayci Slagel

Kayci Slagel

Financial Manager and Project Coordinator

Since graduating with her B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, Ms. Slagel has traveled extensively and lived in Israel helping her husband’s company grow and expand. Her knowledge of international customs, local religions, and family dynamics give her a “family” perspective in project evaluation. Kayci is the glue that keeps projects flowing smoothly and clients walking away happy with their products and services.

Vivek Prajapati

Vivek Prajapati

Iron Partner & Web Solutions Specialist

Adding several years of web development experience to our portfolio, Vivek is the definition of a professional. His combination of innovation and great communication makes for the perfect international partner. Vivek is currently project manager of our international team in India. It is Vivek’s passion to help people and solve problems that help keep our company grounded. Once realizing he could turn dead ends into new opportunities, he understood that his imagination could also help individuals and companies around the world.

Yaron Sass

Yaron Sass

IRON Partner & Head of Video Production

Yaron is a creative genius stuck behind a computer. He usually knows the answer to the most random Maya question and can stay up without sleep for weeks. Other than his life-long passion for art, design, animation and video, Yaron always comes up with new ideas on how to help the industry, the production process or our team collaboration. Starting the business, Yaron is definitely the one that made it into what we are respected for today: innovation, creativity and flawless delivery.

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