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Company Vision

The IRON Network stands for International Resource of Online Networks. We are a network of technology companies that help businesses utilize technology for business development, marketing and efficiency.

Our partners:

VidAdBox – Video Marketing

Hermes Services Group – Web and Mobile Development

My Wall of Dreams – motivating and connecting people to there Dreams

Local Crowd Fund – crowdfunding for the local crowd

Cost Crusaders – helping businesses reduce costs and fight unfair charges

Our vision:

What first comes to mind when you hear the word Iron is a rigid metal that we see used everywhere around us in construction, equipment and vehicles. We use this word as a synonym of strength, protection, safety, sometimes even weaponry. However, Iron in it’s pure form is soft, even softer than aluminum. Besides being used in combination with other materials, the Iron molecule appears in very diverse places – it carries oxygen in our blood and is contained in many vital enzymes.

Being the most common element on Earth, many uses of Iron have developed gradually as humans learned to combine it with other elements in furnaces. Similarly, human ideas are the most diverse and changing elements – we develop great ideas every day, hear new things and yet in themselves, these ideas are soft and often hard to implement or use. A furnace is needed to render these ideas useful by combining them with solid planning, practices, management and other tools that can be combined in one word: technology.

The past decade has been a particularly exciting time of technological progress exploding, especially in the area of digital media. Networks connect humans across the globe, making the exchange of ideas and technology abundant and more efficient. Time itself seems to have sped up as distances between people have shrunk.

The IRON Network seeks to utilize this advance of digital technology and create a refining place for ideas with potential. Our goal is to bring together leading thinkers, technological craftsmen and true believers in the future of mankind. We believe that new ideas and technology, given to the right people, will lead the next generation of innovators to solve earth’s biggest challenges.

Business has been a driving force behind many new ideas. One of the interesting sides of business is that it creates equal opportunities by making the exchange simple in principle. But not in practice. Every business person knows that while the obvious rules call for an equal game, the reality is much more complicated. That is why The IRON Network is establishing a secure, dynamic, creative, innovative and competitive environment that will help businesses grow and ideas to take shape.